Why are so many people saying that we can deal with climate change, or we can put all of our efforts into stopping COVID-19, but we can’t do both at the same time?

Today’s show is about a report that says we can, and must, look at this in a holistic way.

Farmers for Climate Solutions is putting forward proposals that link recovery from COVID-19 with solutions to mitigate the effects of climate change. The report is called “A Better Future starts on the Farm: Recommendations for Recovery from COVID-19 in Canadian Agriculture.” Farmers for Climate Solutions is a pan-Canadian coalition of more than 16 member groups.

Today’s interview is with Dana Penrice, a grain and cattle farmer who lives near Shoal Lake, Manitoba.  She is also Prairie program manager with member organization The Young Agrarians, a farmer-to-farmer resource network for new and young farmers with a lens on ecological, organic and regenerative agriculture in Canada. She talked to rabble.ca podcast host and producer Victoria Fenner a wide range of topics relating to food security and agriculture, always circling around and coming back to COVID-19 and the lessons we are learning from the pandemic which we can use in the fight for climate change. 

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Image: Victoria Fenner/rabble.ca

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