On September 29th, Omar Khadr was brought back to Canada from the U.S. military prison where he’d been held for a decade. A new book of writing called Omar Khadr, Oh Canada examines his story and the political and legal issues it reveals. Ten days before Khadr’s return, contributors to the book held a launch in Vancouver. They debated and discussed the importance of Khadr’s story, and what it means for Canada and Canadian citizens. Legal scholar Grace Woo was part of the discussion. Listen in from a RedEye podcast

November marks the second anniversary of a now-notorious article in McLean’s magazine’ 2010 Campus issue. It was titled “Too Asian?”. That article sparked anger across Canada over how racialized people are perceived and treated in Canada’s educational institutions. “Too Asian?” Race, Privilege and Post-Secondary Education is one book that sprang out of the controversy. Jeet Heer contributed to, and co-edited the compilation. Here he is, speaking with Matt Adams on radio book lounge

When actor and author Phillip Sheppard was a young man he was prepared to go to school in Physics. He gathered up his pencils and his calculators. Then he bought a bicycle and travelled to Japan to study Noh theatre instead. Here he is explaining how he made that choice to Lyn Thompson and a flock of boisterous seagulls on Living on Purpose

During an interview about the tragic suicide of Amanda Todd, Meghan Murphy asked political writer and social commentator Melinda Tankard about the rising trend of sexualizating girls, and where she sees it. Hear the whole interview on the Feminist Current.  

Does Halloween have to be sexy? Meagan’s got some costume suggestions. 

Adi Sara Kreindler is a singer-songwriter and a fan of musical satire. The satyrical warbler has ridiculed the conservative government, pipelines, and cuts to old age security in her composition. Now, she’s blasting the F-35s. Here she is on the Redeye podcast, talking music and social change.

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