Gerry Caplan is well known to our rabble readers who have been active on the progressive left for many decades.

There are many dimensions to Gerry’s life work. He was a key figure in the New Democratic Party for many years as a party strategist and even took a run at a seat himself at one point. He’s an author, and a commentator on the state of the media. He’s also an authority on genocide, especially in Rwanda.

He writes for publications like the Globe and Mail and is a frequent guest on the CBC.

And … we are very proud that Gerry Caplan has a blog on rabble, and especially proud that he’s been a friend of rabble since the very beginning, way back at the turn of the century.  You can read his rabble blog here.

A few years ago, Gerry relocated to Barrie, which is also where Victoria Fenner, our rabble podcast network executive producer,  lives. She went out to visit him and had a wide ranging conversation about his work in Rwanda, the state of politics today, the downside of democracy and what he, a grandfather, has to say about encouraging our younger generations to hope in this mixed up world.

Photo: Victoria Fenner.

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