Today, May 17, a Canadian delegation of people from labour, community and media will be going to Venezuela to observe the May 20 national federal elections and to meet with local community and labour leaders.

The mainstream media coverage of events in Venezuela has been historically misleading. Many believe that’s because Venezuela has a socialist government that the big global power players object to, especially the United States.

If past history is any indication, the elections will be misrepresented to the rest of the world this time too if we only rely on coverage from the big mainstream media. is proud to have been invited to be part of the delegation to Venezuela so we can provide an alternative perspective to the coverage that a lot of the media will be distributing.

Humberto DaSilva is a member of CUPE and is also a frequent video contributor to rabble (known to rabble readers, listeners and viewers as “Not Rex”). He’s bringing his camera and will be doing video features for us, recording what people are doing and saying about the elections and life in Venezuela.

Victoria Fenner, rabble’s executive producer of podcasts, had a conversation with Humberto a couple of days ago.  He told her that he wanted to go because it’s an important global issue about democracy and freedom, and also because he has a personal connection to Venezuela that he wants to explore.  

The delegation will be gone until May 25, though Humberto will only be there until May 22. We’ll be posting a daily stream of articles on rabble from people in the delegation including video reports.

WATCH: Raul Burbano of Common Frontiers on Venezuela presidential elections on rabbletv

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