Wayne lets us all in on the new plans for the iphone. 

Reel Women go head to head over All That Jazz.

We have a winner! Well, 35 winners to be exact. They all got tickets to Michael Winterbottom’s new film, a Mighty Heart. Why? They all subscribed to our newsletter by sending a note to [email protected]. You can subscribe too to find out about more contests.

A Mighty Heart tells the story of the kidnapping and murder of Wall Street Journal bureau chief Daniel Pearl. Since that event happened in Pakistan, the producers of Pakcast were very interested in the portrayal of the country, and its people. Pakcast film correspondent Ambreen Ali is here with her review.

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Micheal Riordan’s series Listen to the Land: A Season with the Quinte Organic Farmer’s Co-op is running all summer at rabbledocs (www.rabble.ca/rpn/doc). He spoke with Meagan Perry about why he made that documentary.

Jojo and the Fugitives with Chips, Chicken, Banana Split

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