This week on rabble radio, we dive into the world of natural – or green, as it’s sometimes called – burials. 

For many of us, talking about death isn’t easy – let alone talking about what happens to your body once you’ve passed away. 

But what if there was a way to think of your burial as a way to help the environment? 

Since the 1990’s, the natural burial movement has steadily gained interest as more and more people are exposed to the idea. 

With a natural burial, the body is not exposed to any chemical embalming. And instead of a traditional casket, the body is wrapped in a shroud or buried in a biodegradable casket. Rather than rows of tombstones on a manicured lawn, picture a meadow or woodland, restored and protected in its natural ecosystem. In place of tombstones, imagine graves marked with a small stone, a native plant, or a communal dedication. 

Some Canadians admire the spiritual connection to the earth that a natural burial grants. Many also find peace of mind knowing that their burial will have a very small ecological footprint. 

Yet despite the enthusiasm for the burial alternative, there are shockingly few places in Canada to be buried naturally. 

Susan Greer, the executive director of Natural Burial Association, speaks to Doreen Nicoll about the organization’s mission to make natural burial more accessible in Canada.   

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