We’re in the home stretch of Election 42. Just a little under three weeks to go.

We’re not running out of things to talk about yet.

Far from it. On today’s show —

1. We hear from Amara Possian of LeadNow about their campaign Vote Together. It helps us figure out who we should vote for to get rid of Stephen Harper. Especially in the swing ridings where a Conservative upset is a possibility.

2. And you know how Stephen Harper is always going on about how he’s the best manager of the economy? The Conservative government’s reliance on austerity and trickle-down economics has led to the most poorly-performing Canadian economy since the Second World War, according to Jim Stanford. He’s co-author of the recent report, “Rhetoric and Reality: Evaluating Canada’s Economic Record Under the Harper Government.” Jim Stanford is an economist with Unifor. He spoke with Redeye host Jane Williams.

3. And finally, remember that Harperman song that everybody was singing a couple of weeks ago? You heard the song .. now … The Movie! 

When Ottawa civil servant and folk singer Tony Turner created his now wildly popular singalong Harperman, he didn’t anticipate getting suspended from his job. Since then, the song has spread. Harperman singalongs happened in over 40 communities across Canada on September 17. And people are still singing it. And now, there’s not just a song. There’s a documentary in the works — two versions — a short one which is planned for release two days before the election. And a longer, full 90-minute piece which will explore some of the larger themes. Cody Lanktree and his company HamiltonSeen is doing the documentary. He talked to me enroute to a shoot in Ottawa this week.

Photo: Sean Connors/flickr

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