Queens University gave former Prime Minister Paul Martin an honorary doctorate of laws on Friday, and Monday he joined the program Alternative Frequency at Kingston’s community radio station CFRC to talk about all about it. But host Elamin Abdel Mahmoud couldn’t let the opportunity to ask the former Prime Minister about the Gaza Flotilla. Here’s part of their conversation.

Even before the attack on the Free Gaza Flotilla, demonstrations against Israel’s policies in the middle east had been scheduled. They were to coincide with Israeli prime Minister Benjamin Nentanyahu’s visit to Canada. Monday, demonstrators added their condemnation of the nighttime attack on the flotilla to those protests. Tariq Jeeroburkan attended a Montreal demonstration. Here he is, speaking with Yves Engler, the author of Canada and Israel: Building Apartheid.

Aaron Lakoff is with the group Tadamon. Here he is, speaking to Jeeroburkan at the demonstration.

Rabble radio spoke to Canadian Peace activist Kevin Neish as he was boarding his boat in the Free Gaza Flotilla. We haven’t been able to reach him since then. He’s been detained, but survived the attack and should be released some time in the next three days. That said, his interview still stands.

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