It’s day two of the Peoples’ Social Forum in Ottawa.

It was a different type of day than yesterday, which ended with a march on Parliament Hill. Today was an indoor day, with delegates going to dozens of workshops on topics of all kinds.

Here’s Victoria Fenner’s summary of her day, which was full of workshops, conversations and lots of recording.

Aaron Doncaster is an activist from Alberta. He compares what it is like to be an activist in Alberta and in Nova Scotia, his home province.

Paul Maillet – Ottawa chapter of an organization which is lobbying the federal government to create a Department of Peace. What would happen if we had a Minister of Peace at the cabinet table when deliberating whether or not to go to war?

Media and movements — an excerpt from a panel discussion sponsored by rabble about independent media in Canada today.

Rights of Mother Earth — ending the program with a quote by Margaret Atwood, read by Mike Desautels of the Public Service Alliance of Canada.

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