The title of today’s show, Pushing Up the Sidewalk, was inspired by rabble blogger Lizanne Foster. Lizanne’s blog on rabble is called Education in the age of climate change. She’s a high school teacher in B.C. who shares some of her thoughts about working creatively in a regimented education system.

Three educators from three levels of education — secondary school, college and university — talk about changing the landscape of education. Pushing up sidewalks, creating cracks in concrete.

1.)  Lizanne Foster: Lizanne’s blog focuses on education from a very specific angle — she talks about education and climate change. She wrote an article which was posted on August 8 where she asked the question “Are schools preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s problems?”

2.) Tim Green: Back in the days of old, the difference between university and college was distinct. If you wanted a more broad education, you went to university. If you wanted to fix cars or become a dental hygenist, you went to college. The lines between college and university have blurred since then. Tim Green teaches environmental studies, philosophy and critical thinking at Georgian College in Barrie Ontario. He talks to rabble radio about what colleges are doing to help students ask the big questions.

3.) Erin Soros: Erin is a writer and scholar currently appointed as an Andrew Mellon postdoctoral fellow at the University of Toronto’s Jackman Humanities Institute. She researches collective trauma and teaches courses on literature and psychoanalysis, and literature and human rights. She’s also done a lot of thinking about how universities do, and don’t, accommodate students with mental disabilities.


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