Keith Gottschalk bemoans the loss of spring, and wonders when the U.S. government will do something about global warming.

Promo for our feature documentary, Listen to the Land: A Season With the Quinte Organic Farmer’s Co-op.

Adria Vasil speaks with rabble radio’s Charlotte Scott about her new book Ecoholic: Your Guide to the Most Environmentally Friendly Information, Products and Services in Canada.

Plunkett, a singer-songwriter duo who make their home in Italy. You can find them online at The song is The River. 

Reel Women Cathi Bond and Judy Rebick talk about a unclassifiable, unquantifiable movie called Save the Green Planet. You can hear the full piece at This review was recorded in March of 2006. It’s the first one at the bottom of the reel women page.

The frogs from MacGregor Point Provincial Park, all recorded by Wayne MacPhail.

Part 1 of Listen to the Land: A Season with the Quinte Organic Farmer’s Co-op.

Podcasts wraps with Plunket, Just Rise. 

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