“Seeding Change: Linking Youth for Food Sovereignty in Honduras and Canada” took place on July 2nd in Ottawa. The event was hosted by USC Canada, which has been working to improve food security in Honduras since 1998. Three young organic farmers – two from Ottawa and one from Honduras – shared photos of their experiences and, with the help of an intimate audience, discussed the challenges and benefits of regaining control over what we eat and where it comes from.

Speakers: Sergio Ramirez, ecology student and coordinator of a youth agricultural research team (CIAL) in Honduras
David Burnford, co-founder of the Riverglen Biodynamic Farm in Ottawa; Geoff Cross, facilitator of the OPIRG community garden at the University of Ottawa. 

Speakers were introduced by Sarah Mohan, Public Engagement and Fundraising Program Officer for USC Canada.
Susie Walsh, Executive Director of USC Canada, directed the question and answer session and delivered the event’s closing statements.

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