Keith Gottschalk’s been watching the campaign for the Canadian election, and mulling over the non-confidence vote that got us here. Could it ever happen in the United States?

It’s wine, women and song in the book lounge book segment today, or at least wine. Konrad Ejbich [] talks about his new wine guide “A Pocket Guide to Ontario Wines, Wineries, Vineyards & Vines.”

And we discover that not all guide books are created equal. Ejbich gives us a tip for a great wine to try and tells is like it is – yes, your baby is ugly – and spares us the dreck. Find great gifts in the book lounge bookstore at

The song is called August, by a great pair of artists. Vancouver bassist Wendy Atkinson [] and publisher/guitarist David Lester [].

Atkinson has produced and collaborated on several albums, most recently Trim (2003), and also plays in an all-female Vancouver-based pop band called Licorice Sea. David Lester has been active in the West Coast art and punk scene for decades; his recent projects include graphic novels, poster series, and a film collaboration with poverty activist Bud Osborn.

Auntie has returned from the spa, thank goodness. She’s got some advice for those of us who want to see everyone paid well for their work.

DVDiva Cathi Bond loves to watch violent movies. But it’s got her wondering: why oh why do we all want to see the stars take their licks to get our kicks?

Homebrew gets newsy with a report back from the World Society on the Information Society, Phase 2 in Tunis. Frieda Werden, Vice President for North America of the World Association of Community Broadcasters, takes us there. Scott Deneau provides musical back-up. For more info go to

With the Chronicles of Narnia sending kids everywhere scurrying for the walk-in closet to see what’s inside, we take a look at what might happen if that fur-coat-lined cupboard took our heroes somewhere more prosaic.

A little more music from the dynamic duo David Lester and Wendy Atkinson. The song is Lost Lagoon.

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