Queer honourees give their awards back to Pride Toronto over the banning of the term Israeli-apartheid, pre-G20 African activists speak out on celebrity activism, and coming out in Uganda where Pride is no party.

Queer activists should be able to stand up for human rights. James Loney talks about why he is giving back his Fearless Award to Pride Toronto.

Pride is political and Pride Toronto should not dictate what politics are not allowed. Jane Farrow talks about why she is refusing the title of Honoured Dyke in the 2010 Toronto Pride March.

Last year we spoke to gay and lesbian activist Frank Mugisha, who was speaking against Uganda’s anti-homosexuality bill. In this podcast, we’ll hear how one Ugandan gay activist accepted his own sexuality.

Bob Geldof and Bono are celebrity editors who helped the Globe write about Africa. But African activists have some critiques of the work they do. In this interview, produced by No One Is Illegal, Makoma  Lekalakala of Johannesburg’s Earthlife Africa speaks about what African activists think would help the G20.

June 23 update: Pride Toronto announced they will not ban the term Israeli-apartheid from use during Pride. More to follow in the next episode of rabble radio.

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