Judy Rebick is a long-time activist, writer, broadcaster and founding publisher of rabble.ca. Not only has she been part of social movements for years, she has written and taught extensively on the topic. She’s been an avid participant and analyst of the Idle No More movement in Canada. And she recently joined rabble.ca editor Derrick O’Keefe, who hosts a program called W2 Media Mornings on Coop Radio 100.5FM in Vancouver. Here’s part of their conversation.

Union of B.C. Indian Chief’s Grand Chief Stewart Phillip also appeared on the program, and Jahanzeb Hussain took on some of that interview.

Political Science professor David McNally has monsters on the mind. In his new book Monsters of the Market Zombies, Vampires, and Global Capitalism (published by Haymarked) McNally draws on popular culture, folklore and literature to better account for our understanding of capitalism and labour. Whatever you do, don’t turn out the lights when listen in to his conversation with Ali Mustafa.

Madeline Schwartz wrote a piece for Dissent Magazine entitled Opportunity Costs: The True Price of Internships. In the article, she said that a feminist perspective is needed to understand internships. Then Rabble.ca podcast Feminist Current called her up. Here is Madeline Schwartz in conversation with Feminist Current host Meghan Murphy.

Human trafficking is recognized as a modern day version of slavery. It has a tremendous impact on the poor. But human trafficking affects all of us, not just the people directly involved. Lila Shahani made that point as part of a lecture about human trafficking in a Phillipine, Canadian, and Global Context at the University of British Columbia this month. Shahani is the Assistant Secretary at the National Anti-Poverty Commission and the Human Development & Poverty Reduction Cabinet Cluster of the Philippine Government.

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