Earlier today, September 15, 2015, a group of prominent Canadians launched a manifesto outlining a bold climate and economic vision. We at rabble.ca are happy to have livestreamed the press conference to announce the Leap Manifesto: A Call for a Canada Based on Caring for the Earth and One Another. It has been translated into eight languages, including Cree and Inuktitut. The aim is to gather tens of thousands of signatures and build pressure on the next federal government to transition Canada off fossil fuels while also making it a more livable, fair and just society.

The Leap Manifesto has been signed by musicians, directors, actors, authors, national and community leaders and dozens of organizations.

On today’s press conference we’ll hear from an impressive list of notable Canadians. It was hosted by Naomi Klein, who was joined by: Seth Klein, David Suzuki, Melina Laboucan-Massimo, Tantoo Cardinal, Yolen Bollo Kamar, Sarah Harmer, Paul Moist, Maude Barlow, Bishop Mark MacDonald, Ashley Callingbull, Clayton Ruby, Stephen Lewis, Joseph Boydon, George Elliot Clarke, Keith Stewart

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