It looks like it just might be more difficult to stop global warming than the public is being led to believe. Those are the findings of a research commentary published in the journal nature this week. The technological challenges are, the authors say, going to be far greater than we’ve been led to believe. Well, when the rabble podcast network’s program redeye got the news, they called up one of those authors. Here is part of their interview with Tom Wiggley, a senior scientist at the center for atmospheric research in Boulder Colorado and he co-authored the commentary.

Well, watching a video doesn’t have to emit a lot of C02, depending on the video, I suppose. And the Reel Women walked down to their local video emporiums this week to find anything the Easter bunny might have hidden for them, and this is what they came up with. Take it away Judi and Cathi.

The Vancouver Aboriginal Transformative Justice Society provides community based alternatives to the mainstream criminal justice system. The rabble podcast network’s Stark Raven spoke to Christine Parnell, the program director with the Vancouver Aboriginal Transformative Justice Society.

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