Keith Gottschalk casts a keen eye on the military push toward Iran. Is it for real?

Alex Samur speaks to award-winning author and investigative journalist Carol Off about her latest book Bitter Chocolate. 

Obijou hail from Branford, Ontario. You can find them at, or listen to this song, St. Francis. 

Neil McInlay is a speaker, coach, and Buddhist. He tells us how he’s got competitive swimming and Buddhism working together at the pool. This piece came to us from Lynn Thompson, host and producer of Living on Purpose. That program is broadcast on Radio Malaspina, 101.7 on Vancouver Island.

Online tools. This one’s awesome. Meebo amalgamates all your instant messaging options into a single window! 

Reel Women talk about Wire, which Judy believes is the best TV show ever made.

One more song from Obijou. This one is called Steep.

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