Nova Scotia’s potential fracking game changer. We get the scoop on the Northern Gateway pipeline ruling, supporting trans and queer prisoners, and a movie review.

Pressure is building in many communities to stop hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” as a method to extract natural gas.  We will hear about a proposed law in Nova Scotia that could be a fracking game changer. Hear the whole episode of “Habitat” here.

Then we get energized about the government’s recent ruling about the northern gateway pipeline.  We hear from an environmental lawyer who lays down the law. Tune in to the “Redeye” episode we feature here

And when there is law, it seems there are prisons.  From’s own show, “rad voices”, we have an interview with a prison abolitionist activist working to support prisoners and change the system.

It is the tax system that needs to be changed to develop Africa, says one tax justice activist.  What is tax justice and how can it be achieved? Tune in to find out. Hear the whole interview on Africa files here

Finally rabble contributor Cathi Bond turns her cinematic eye to an offbeat film that might just reflect a new brand of chick flick. Catch all of Cathi’s reviews on “Watch Me.”

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