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Doreen Nicoll and Frank Domenic discuss the state of Ontario’s universal health care system. Credit: Canva / Breanne Doyle Credit: Canva / Breanne Doyle

This week on rabble radio, rabble contributor Doreen Nicoll sits down with Ontario educator Frank Domenic to discuss the state of Ontario’s universal health care system.

Health care privatization in Ontario is something rabble writers have been closely following over the past year. For further reading, please see the following pieces:

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Doreen Nicoll – Groups working to save public health care in Ontario (May 18, 2023)

Karl Nerenberg – Doug Ford’s private surgery plan is driven by ideology not innovation (January 17, 2023)

rabble radio – The ongoing fight against privatized healthcare (September 16, 2022)

rabble radio – The privatization of long-term care homes in Ontario must be stopped (May 6, 2022)

About our guests

Frank Domenic is a teacher in Ontario who creates content on social media focusing on news and politics, ranging from global issues to niche local Ontario content. You can follow him on Twitter @TheFrankDomenic and on TikTok @frankdomenic.

Doreen Nicoll is a freelance writer and frequent contributor to rabble.ca  She is diligently working to end poverty, hunger, and human rights abuses across Canada and the globe.

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