The Peoples’ Social Forum in Ottawa is fast approaching! With just a week left until the Forum, here’s a sneak peek at some of the amazing events coming up that we’re involved in. We’ll also have an info table set up in the University Centre at the University of Ottawa throughout the Forum. You’ll be able to pick up a copy of The Best of 2014 Edition, sign up for our newsletters or just say hi!

We’re hosting two amazing events:

Celebrating Indie Media and Activism with Linda McQuaig

Join and 25One Community as we kick off #PSF2014 with a bang! Come to 251 Bank Street at 5 pm Thursday August 21 for live music, food, drinks and amazing discussion with leading progressives. We’ll also have a speech by our special guest, Linda McQuaig. Whether you’re a media maker, activist or rabble rouser, this is a networking opportunity you don’t want to miss. Join our Facebook event.

Media & the Movements/Les médias et les mouvements populaires

Join us during the Peoples’ Social Forum, Friday August 22, for a panel moderated by / Rejoignez-nous au Forum Social des Peuples, vendredi 22 août, pour une table ronde animée par Judy Rebick with/ avec Jorge Barrera (APTN), James Patterson (Canadian Dimension Magazine), Cathy Edwards (CACTUS), Steffanie Pinch (, Diane Lamoureux, Monique Moisan (Revue À bâbord!) and Sharmeen Khan (Upping the Anti, Media Coop). Invitez-vous amies au Facebook. Invite your friends on Facebook.

You can also hear from our publisher, Kim Elloit on Friday at 4:30 during the Financial Models of Independent Media workshop hosted by the Canadian Media Guild. Panelists include Cathy Edwards from CATCUS, Shelley Robinson from the NCRA and Gabrielle Brassard from Ricochet.

Check out our sponsored events:

Thursday August 21

Gaza’s Ark and the Freedom Flotilla Coalition against the Blockade of Gaza

As part of international solidarity campaigns for Gaza, Gaza’s Ark is the next challenge to the illegal blockade. Gaza’s Ark is an international grass-roots civil society campaign to help end the blockade of Gaza and help build lasting peace in the region through full freedom of movement. Participants can get involved, including as purchasers of Palestinian export goods on Gaza’s Ark. This event is Bilingual.

The startling rise of crude oil transport by rail and the 2013 disaster at Lac Mégantic

On July 6, 2013, 47 people died in the oil train disaster at Lac Megantic Quebec. Crude oil traffic by rail is rising enormously, in North America. Why is so much crude oil moving by rail? What are the dangers? Shouldn’t society be working to phase out fossil fuel consumption so global warming doesn’t get out of hand? This workshop is organized by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and Vancouver Ecosocialist Group. Featuring panellist Bruce Campbell, Executive Director for the CCPA and moderated by rabble blogger, Roger Annis.    

Friday August 22

What is Canada Doing in the Ukraine and What Should the Peace Movement Do About It?

Hosted by NoWarPaix, the panel will present an analysis of the situation in the Ukraine, Canada’s role in it, and the serious nature of the situation. The issue to be discussed is: What can the peace and anti-war movement do to counter the Government of Canada’s aggressive posture toward Russia, and oppose its contributions to a NATO military mobilization in Eastern Europe? Featuring panellists David Mandel, Political Science professor at UQAM and rabble blogger, Roger Annis.

My Treaty of Niagara Wampum Bundle Traditional Teaching

The workshop offers a traditional teaching about Canada’s constitutional beginnings as was ratified during the 1764 Treaty at Niagara. Through returning to this original argreement, indigenous land and water rights will be better assured for Indigenous people, Canadians and all beings that came before. This workshop is taught by rabble contributor Lynn Gehl. Check out her Facebook event and blog.

Egypt: People Rights Vs Military Dictatorship

What has the Arab spring brought to Egypt? Is it Democracy or Military Coup? The panel is hosted by the Egyptian Canadian Coalition for Democracy and features speakers, Roger Annis (journalist), José Del Pozo (professor of Latin America History UQAM) and Mohamed Kamel (ECCD).

Screening of The Corporation

Inter Pares is delighted to present THE CORPORATION at the Peoples’ Social Forum in Ottawa. The documentary became an international hit when it launched a decade ago. It rallied thousands of people and hundreds of groups around the world to take a stand against corporate harm. As corporate power continues to violate human rights with impunity, the issue remains as relevant today as it was 10 years ago. In English, sous-titré en français. Join the Facebook event.

Saturday August 23

Alternative Media Movement Assembly

Join the Alternative Media Movement Assembly on building radical media and activist communication infrastructures, taking place during the Peoples’ Social Forum. The Alternative Media Movement Assembly will bring together journalists and activists organizing in alternative/grassroots media to create shared, unified, political projects on a broad range of issues around building media and communication infrastructure. Find out more about the assembly!

You can also find many of our rabble contributors, bloggers and allies on panels and hosting workshops throughout the Forum. Check back on our PSF 2014 tab to stay on top of all the action. See you in Ottawa!