If you’ve been surprised by the variety of activist campaigns and events this month, it might be helpful to check out Amnesty International’s “Activism Guide,” profiling annual campaigns and popular activist issues in each month. 

The guide includes lots of useful information on Amnesty projects and programs – everything from petitions to funding your activist project. But pages five through 15 are all about the monthly updates. The final few pages also offer some handy general tips on activism, including partnering with another organization and petition materials. 

Here’s a brief look at the great insight the guide provides into activism during these cold, dreary Canadian months.

January: Honouring a Maya Q’eqchi teacher and community activist killed in Guatemala by mining representatives with a short play (made for a group to perform in less than 20 minutes)

February: Have a Heart for First Nations Children (check out our tool here)

March: International Women’s Day

April: Gear up for Amnesty International’s campaign against torture

May: Pride kicks off for the summer

June: “Don’t Close teh Door on Refugees” campaign