Occupy Now – a discussion on the impact of Occupy on the movement

Well, everyone, the best way I have heard Occupy described was by the lovely Toronto Media Coop journalist and editor Megan Kinch who said: “Occupy: Great party, horrible hangover!”

And this isn’t the first time I have heard activists express that they feel traumatized by Occupy and its sheer intensity and grandiose scope.

Some people declared that Occupy that the perfect example of a post-revolutionary world and were clearly in love with the ideals of community building, camping, General Assemblies (GAs) and long debates.

Others referred to the Occupy Toronto camp in particular as about as bad as Occupied Caprica.

But whether Occupy was a movement or a tactic or an idea whose time has come is open for debate.

So come out Tuesday night and let’s brainstorm together what we have learned from #Occupy other than it makes a great hashtag. I should know, I became the Occupy defector Town Crier over Twitter.

So here are the details – come join the debate.

Occupy Now:

Tuesday November 4, 2014

5:00 pm

Centre for Social Innovation Spadina, 215 Spadina Ave.

Toronto, ON

The Call Out:

Fwd: Three years after Occupy took over our national conversation, what has changed? How has the movement grown?

Join rabble.ca and THIS magazine as we celebrate Media Democracy Day with a panel discussion moderated by Judy Rebick (activist and author of Occupy This!) to discuss Occupy’s effects today: the gains it has made challenging the one percent, ongoing displays of protest and activism, plus its role in inspiring other, modern movements. Panellists will also discuss threats to Occupy’s success, and to today’s activism in general, and how we can sustain momentum.

Light refreshments will be offered by donation. CSI Spadina wheelchair accessible.

For more information, please see the Facebook page.


Krystalline Kraus

krystalline kraus is an intrepid explorer and reporter from Toronto, Canada. A veteran activist and journalist for rabble.ca, she needs no aviator goggles, gas mask or red cape but proceeds fearlessly...