Photo: Marusya Bociurkiw is excited to introduce a new feature: our weekly blog roundup! Every Friday we will post a quick snapshot of the week’s action, featuring blog posts that inspired, intrigued and informed over the past week, just in case you missed them!

This week’s topics range from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside community and their needs, premature prorogation and, of course, Occupy, Occupy, Occupy!

We would like to welcome Raffi Cavoukian to the rabble blogs team! His first post, Beyond protest: Mainstreaming the movement, discusses the Occupy movement according to his philosophy of ‘child honouring’, which state the roots of beliefs systems are found in childhood and communities need to support dialogue and democracy. Listen to his newly released song inspired by the late Jack Layton’s ‘Letter to a Nation.’

Krystalline Kraus continues her detailed coverage of the Occupy movements. Looking for information and contacts on the cities taking part in the protests? Don’t miss her directory to #OccupyCanada creating an easy-to-read guide about all the current Occupy Canada movements.

Marusya Bociurkiw dissects her emotional transformation in her post Marx and the 99%, juxtaposing her shifted expectations at Occupy Toronto with the seemingly uncanny theories of Marx’s Communist Manifesto.

Jamie Biggar and Emma Pullman challenge Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s dismissal of the Occupy movement’s relevance to Canada in their post In defence of Occupy and take a look at the movement that was spawned in Canada and has now returned.

Michael Stewart tackles the increasingly complex topic of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside neighbourhood with Whose space is This Space? as government, business and community intersect with the question who is ‘the community’ and what will actually benefit this ‘community’?

Karl Nerenberg continues his outstanding coverage at Parliament Hill with his latest post Hill Dispatches: Cooler outside, hotter inside as the spectre of another premature prorogation hangs over the House discussing, among other things, the rumours of an early prorogation.

Image courtesy of Marusya Bociurkiw.