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With an election on the horizon it’s extra important to have a wide range of viewpoints represented in the media.

For almost 15 years, has been creating space for voices and opinions that are ignored or misrepresented in mainstream media, and we’re going to keep on creating that space through the upcoming federal election.

We’re in the middle of our summer fundraiser, we thought you might want to hear from rabble writers themselves why it is that they continue to commit their time and energy to producing the wonderful content we feature on the site.

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The contributors we are featuring today are writers and columnists who are tireless advocates for social justice and media democracy.

1. Julie Devaney is a health-care advocate and author of My Leaky Body. Her column at explores health-care issues from a progressive perspective. We asked her why‘s work in media is important.

When I write for rabble I know that I am contributing to movements of people fighting for health care. I also feel like I can be myself: a patient-activist with a personal and political investment in resisting attacks by cost-cutting governments and private health-care corporations on our bodies and our public health-care system.

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2. Nick Fillmore considers himself very fortunate to have worked in several editorial capacities with the CBC from the late 1970s into the 1990s — at the height of the Golden Age of CBC Radio. Nick supports media development projects in Caribbean countries by volunteering with the Association of Caribbean Media Workers. Why does he write for

As a journalist who is unable to have my political/social views appear in mainstream media, is of huge importance to me. I worked in traditional media for many years, but now all of the newspapers and broadcasters have moved far to the right. Progressive opinion on topics such as the dangers of neoliberalism, the failures and weaknesses of capitalism, and the excessive power of for-profit banks are not welcome. is the only news site that welcomes and encourages dozens of progressive and left-wing journalists.

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3. Nora Loreto is a writer, musician and activist based in Québec City. She is the author of From Demonized to Organized, Building the New Union Movement and is the editor of the series Up! Canadian Labour Rising. Nora is on leave as an editor with the Canadian Association of Labour Media while she takes care of infant twins.

At my blog, I’ve done my best to tackle many issues this past year including: colonialism, Bill C-51, child care, racism, freedom of speech and mass arrests in Québec on a freezing March night.

It’s not easy being a woman blogger. It’s even less easy being a woman blogger who doesn’t generally blog about feminism directly or the minutiae of motherhood. I salute all women who write, regardless of the topics they choose, but finding a home for a blog that’s as diverse as my own has not been easy. has encouraged and helped me write about the issues that are underreported in the mainstream press, and that usually lack women’s voices., like all progressive media, is a critical place for reflection, debate and analysis, and I’m honoured to be counted among the amazing list of regular and not-so-regular bloggers at the site.

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