Today is the National Day of Action to stop the Conservatives’ vote-suppressing election law, Bill C-23 the Fair Elections Act. Communities are speaking out and joining together to protest the UnFair Elections Act by delivering a joint petition to Conservative and Opposition MP offices.

Why is the Fair Elections Act so harmful to our voting rights? Check out rabble’s Top Five posts on the Fair Elections Act:

1. Ten arguments to derail the ‘Fair’ Elections train by Karl Nerenberg

Seventy per cent of Canadians have not even heard of the Fair Elections Act, and you can bet Conservatives want to keep it that way! Here are ten things you should know about the Fair Elections Act.

2. Fair Elections Act = voter suppression, says Ed Broadbent by Ed Broadbent

For many months, the Conservative government has blatantly attacked Canadians’ rights and the Fair Elections Act is just the latest. Ed Broadbent discusses its attack on democracy.

3. Harper’s plan to win the next election: Cheat by Duncan Cameron

The Harper government has introduced a parliamentary bill, laughingly entitled the Fair Elections Act, to boost their chances of winning seats in the next general election.

4. Seven ways to make the Fair Elections Act really fair by Karl Nerenberg

It is not too late to stop this obstruction of democracy. Canadians can put pressure on Harper’s folks to make necessary changes.

5. Prairie grain backlog follows democracy backlog by Jan Slomp

Are grain transportation and the Fair Elections Act connected? You bet! The CPC’s termination of the farmer-elected Canadian Wheat Board is akin to dismissing the Chief Electoral Officer.


Let People Vote! Join the National Day of Action by finding an event near you.

Check out rabble’s in depth and continuing converage of the Fair Elections Act here.