Maybe you’ve never written a media release before, or maybe you’re looking to kick up the effectiveness of your organization’s media strategy – either way, these tips are just what you need to get on the right track. 

Take this example from “7 Tips to Practically Perfect Press Releases:” 

-Journalists get bombarded with media releases, pitch letters, and phone calls every single day. So in order to get yours noticed you need to keep it simple and just stick to the facts

When it’s a cause or event you’re passionate about and have been working on for weeks, it can be hard not to elaborate. You want to share your enthusiasm! But the truth is that your media release should be easy to look at, and quick to scan for important information.

That being said – you’ve got to be exciting and engaging. There has to be a reason that you stand out among a pile of releases pitching events just like yours. Check out this article, on why soap operas can help you pen a great media release.