Take this opportunity to educate yourself of the facts surrounding the rise of radical Islam, neo-conservatism, and the politics of fear. It may change the way you view the attacks of September 11, the subsequent “war on terror,” and the never-ending wars in the Middle East.


BBC Documentary Series – The Power Of Nightmares

Part 1 – “Baby it’s Cold Outside“

Part 2 – “The Phantom Victory”

Part 3 – “The Shadows In The Cave”

2011 MSNBC Documentary  – Day Of Destructin, Decade Of War

On TV:

National Geographic Channel – 9/11 and the American Dream  (Phenominal footage of the day’s events)


This Is What War Looks Like – The aftermath of the 9/11 attacks took photojournalist Kate Brooks to Afghanistan and Pakistan to cover the fall of the Taliban.

Those Who Face Death  – Photojournalist Kate Brooks spent the decade after 9/11 photographing the U.S. military struggles and political upheaval in the Greater Middle East. The following collection is from her time in Iraq in 2003-2004.


Fareed Zakaria –  Reflections on 9/11 and its aftermath

Juan Cole – A tale of two Afghan Leaders, before and after 9/11

Noam Chomsky – The Imperial Mentality and 9/11

Foreign Policy Mag – The Black Hole of 9/11

A Television News Archive – Understanding 9/11

Foreign Policy Mag – The 9/11 Anniversary Reader: FAIL edition 

Foreign Policy Mag – 9/11 from Arab Shores 

Al Jazeera – The Decade of 9/11: war without end

Slate – TRUTHERISM  2011: The rise and fall of the 9/11 conspiracy theory.

Globe & Mail – The Muslim world’s 9/11 generation emerges from a long shadow 

Doug Saunders – Al-Qaeda’s zealots of yesteryear turning to politics, democracy

The Nation – The Years Since 9/11: A Lost Decade

Michael Ignatieff – 9/11 and the age of sovereign failure 

Mother Jones – Patriot Acts  

Paul Krugman – The Years of Shame 

The Atlantic – The Soldier and the Rap Star: A Tale of Two Post-9/11 Students  

Daily Mail UK – The 9/11 victims America Wants To Forget – the 200 jumpers who’ve been ‘airbrushed from history’ 

Alternet – “I Stayed to Fight” — Being a Muslim Immigrant in Post 9/11 America  

Reuters – Decade after 9/11, Afghans languish in Pakistan  

The Independent – 9/11 lost decade: The American dream, and the missing years  

Reuters – Iraq: Victim or beneficiary of September 11 attacks? 

Washington Post – Public sees wars in Iraq, Afghanistan as least effective means of reducing terrorism  

New York Times – One 9/11 tally – 3.3 Trillion 

Alheli Picazo

Alheli Picazo

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