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They have been tracking Harper’s so-called “Fair Elections Act” which is being pushed through Parliament. Most of the corporate media’s coverage of the act has been focused on stiffer voter ID requirements for people to be able to vote. Those are worrisome enough.

But what our own Ottawa political correspondent, Karl Nerenberg, reported, is chilling:

“That’s not what the ‘Fair Elections Act’ is, in truth, all about,” reported Karl, referring to the voter ID issues. “But Harper’s team may have suckered those with grave doubts about [the act] — into focusing on the ID and vouching issue.”

Buried inside Harper’s bill are more powerful provisions that serve as a “sneaky and malicious attack on investigators’ chances of ever catching the robocall culprits, or any future similar cheaters.”

In fact, it prevents Elections Canada from even alerting Canadians about voter fraud when it comes to its attention.

Our rabble.ca president, Duncan Cameron, agrees, “The party that practised voter suppression has introduced voter suppression legislation: the Cheat to Win Act.”

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Because if we do, according to the polling data — resistance will grow. The more people know about Harper’s changes to the election act, the more people will be opposed to them. This gives us hope.

But there is so little “media democracy” in the country: who can Canadians trust?

Where can people turn for the essential media coverage of these issues, when almost all of the information being provided to the public comes through corporate-owned media conglomerates, such as Bell and Rogers?

We can’t forget that these corporate media powerhouses — which own the Globe and Mail, CTV, and almost every daily newspaper — all backed Stephen Harper in the last federal election.

Just look at what has happened. Since taking power in 2006 he has brought the corporate media into line, worked to silence environmental and citizens groups by cutting off funding and launching investigations, attacked unions and their very ability to organize workers.

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