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Dear rabble readers,

Thank you for fueling our campaign! We couldn’t do it without you. Because it really is you, our rabble rousers, who sustain rabble and our important work. We’re already well on the way to our goal of $50,000 for our fundraiser this year.

You have until November 30 to help make that happen.

Will you help us by paying what you can to keep our sustainable media project going and telling your friends? Will you help put us over the top?

People are looking for authentic news. News they can trust. The mainstream media has lost the faith of many readers — we are living in a crisis of “fake news” and non-news clickbait. There is, however, a type of news outlet that can be trusted: the news that belongs to its readers. We’re talking about independent, non-profit media.

The heroes of the indie media movement are the many thousands of individual community members chipping in to build something different. For over 17 years, people like you have made rabble a strong, independent voice. Not huge corporate owners. Not multinational corporations. Not billionaire controllers. A community of people like you have been championing the power of indie media. To us, this is a community of media heroes.

You too can be an indie media hero. Can we count on your support today?

Your donation makes our news, videos, podcasts, reviews, interviews, discussions, events and more all possible. In fact, if everyone who visited rabble over the course of a month pitched in just one dollar per month, we could cover all of our operating costs and much more. That’s the real deal.

Help us meet our fundraising goals with a donation of $25 or more this fall and together we can make a difference. Donating to rabble means joining a fearless team of activists, communities, and folks across Canada who are working tirelessly to make our world a better, more equitable place.

We’re close to our goal and we know that we can make it with your help.

Become a monthly supporter at $5/month or more and receive a free copy of Corporatizing Canada: Making Business out of Public Service.

Become a monthly supporter at $8/month or more and receive your free copy of Corporatizing Canada AND choose  a copy of EITHER The Reconciliation Manifesto, by Arthur Manuel, with Grand Chief Ronald Derrickson OR David Austin’s Moving Against the System.