OpenMedia has learned that Big Telecom lobbyists are “sweeping the halls of Congress,” intimidating elected representatives into supporting their Internet Slow Lane plan.

As our expert contact Marvin Ammori hilariously writes, “It’s the part of the saga when the Jedi are slaughtered, when Walder Frey massacres the Starks, when the Ministry of Magic falls and the Weasley children die, when the Red Coats round up innocents and burn their homes and take their children. That kind of thing. Just masses and masses of enemies on the move and destroying everything in their path.”

Despite his allusions to some of our favourite stories, this threat is very real and very serious.

Big Telecom and their lobbyists are using their deep pockets [1] [2] to turn U.S. politicians to their side because they know that if they can win in the U.S., it will set a dangerous precedent–not to mention break the Internet as we know it.[3]

The good news is that your OpenMedia team is working to outmaneuver Big Telecom’s hit squads of high-priced, smooth-talking lobbyists and paid-for politicians.[4]

Last week, U.S. politicians receiving large campaign contributions from deep-pocketed telecom donors were in the Senate lobbying the FCC to go ahead with an Internet slow lane plan.[5]

OpenMedia has a plan to deliver your voices directly to FCC decision-makers and influential Obama administration officials.

We’ll be amplifying your voices in-person with a petition delivery to FCC commissioners and Congressional allies in California.

Additionally, our own Josh Tabish will be on the ground at the White House in Washington, D.C. to represent the OpenMedia community in meetings with key officials there. We only got invited thanks to your relentless pressure!

The future of the open Internet is at stake, and Big Telecom knows that this time it isn’t business as usual. Why are they pushing so hard? They know they might lose this one.

Want to keep up the pressure? Add your voice against the slow lane or donate today.


[1] One Million Net Neutrality Comments Vs. $42 Million in ISP Lobbying. Source: Benton Foundation

[2] US ISP Comcast has spent $100 million lobbying Congress in the last 5 years. Source: NPR

[3] For more on what’s at stake, check out this excellent BoingBoing coverage.

[4] Senators opposing Net Neutrality rake in more campaign cash. Source: Ars Technica

[5] Republicans in Congress don’t know what Internet freedom means. Source: The Verge