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Mayor Ford arm wrestles Hulk Hogan as a weapon of mass distraction

“I own this town, man!” is was Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford, yelled as he beat the fourteen-time pro wrestling champ at this city’s FanExpo.

The epic event took place on Friday August 23, 2013.

At first, proposed as sort of a joke, Ford taunted the Hulkster to the arm wrestling match, though Ford acted like the odds were against him.

“It encourages people to come to this city, creates jobs and stimulates the economy,” said Ford of the stunt match. “I’d like to thank the Hulkster for coming to town.”

I hope the city isn’t dazzled and distracted by the epic battle of titans.

Mayor Rob Ford has a lot to account for these days regarding his behaviour as mayor of a supposedly world class city as Toronto.

Was this all supposed to be a weapon of mass distraction? Or just another notch on the list of Rob Ford’s follies.

Hang around Ford long enough and he could stand for his own comic tourist attraction for Toronto.

Not to even mention whisper of the crack scandal, you can basically call Ford’s personal number – as he hands out of business cards to the citizens of Toronto – and he’ll give a lucky group of women a personal lesson in civic politics. Women only.

Not interested in business? That’s alright, as our mayor was busy being drunk at the Taste of the Danforth event, trying to find, “the party” and borrow some, “cologne”

Here’s a short video of the mayor at the Taste of the Danforth which surfaced on August 9, 2013.

He does enjoy, “a couple pops” as he brother Doug Ford proclaimed.

We got to hear about Rob Ford enjoying a couple of pops when he attended an official event on March 26, 2013, where he was allegedly turfed out for his drunken behaviour. He denies this. 

Then again, it was the same Rob Ford who – if people can remember that far back – who had to defend himself mid 2010 election campaign as his troubles south of the border emerged.

On August 19, 2010, Rob Ford was forced to hold a press conference after news of his 1999 arrest for diving under the influence and pot possession in the state of Florida surfaced.

To this, he ultimately pleaded no-contest to the driving charge and the drug possession charge was dropped.

And he still handily won the election.

But let’s not forget another humiliating moment for our mayor. In September 2011, Ford faced a budget revolt in office.

In a statement from Stop the Cuts at the time, “In a surprise move, on Sept 19th, the Executive Committee deferred most of the recommended cuts. Thanks to the opposition that emerged in Toronto’s communities, major cuts will not be voted on at the Sept 26-27 meeting. The attack is still coming, but we now know that the supposedly unstoppable ‘Ford Nation’ can be challenged. Rob Ford is still dangerous, but he can be beaten.”

Ford Nation collapsed on Tuesday January 14, 2012, where Rob Ford was unable to push through the harsh budget cuts. There was a demonstration outside city hall –forcing the building to go into lockdown as councilors debated in chamber.

Ford Nation inside council chambers tried to ram through the mayor’s $20-million budget cuts to city pools, arenas, day cares, TTC service and homeless shelters but failed.

Rob Ford had earlier pronounced that all of Ford Nation would rise up to confront the left-wing, commie-pinkos who controlled city hall that night.

Needless to say, Ford Nation never showed.

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