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The 93-page Liberal platform was launched live online this morning. The main points in the Family Pack as it was styled by Leader Ignatieff, mirror much of what Jack Layton proposed for the last federal budget. Any doubts about who the Liberals are looking to get on side in this election now can be laid to rest: they are fishing for the centre-left vote, proposing demographic specific measures aimed at seniors, young voters, women, and “middle class” families. On the economy, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives was cited on CEO pay and the need to rein in stock options. The Governor of the Bank of Canada was cited for his criticism of Canadian business productivity performance.

Their digital economy platform encompasses eight points that touches on “many of the right issues” as Michael Geist points out, but which misses important questions, like their position on foreign investments in telecoms.

Liberal measures to help students, seniors, family with child-care needs, and to retrofit homes were costed at $8.2 billion to be funded by eliminating the most recent corporate tax cut, and through savings from cancelling the F35 fighter contract. The Liberal platform stays on side with Conservative voters by promising no tax increases.

Watch for more observations and analysis on these pages, but in the meantime, take a look yourself, and let us know what you think. You can view the platform for yourself here.