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As I’m sure all of you know by now, the Pan Am and Para Pan Am Games are coming to Toronto starting July 10, 2015, which includes a Pan American Climate and Economic Summit.

Just as with the Olympics, but on a smaller scale, as comes the sports so comes the politics – as the Games are a perfect opportunity for the host city and country to use the media already congregated for the sporting events as a ready-to-use platform to highlight different political messages.

Now for us Canadians federally, our national government has definately shyed away from disccussing the environment, so it makes sense that local activists would want to use this opportunity to bring discussion about the climate to the forefront. So you’ll see this will be a major theme to demonstrate – as that is what these physical manifestations do, they demonstrate – our concern for the environment as citizens even if the topic is not raised by our leaders.

Of course, this is an election year, which means any pressure or fire put under the feet of our government is going to be even more important with an election just months away.

Here are further details of this march, one of many actions slated around the Pan Am Games.

July 5, 2015

Contact: Graham Reeder, (647) 880-0786

Thousands to march in Toronto for Jobs, Justice and the Climate

March on July 5 comes on eve of the Pan American Climate and Economic Summits


TORONTO — Thousands of people, including politicians, entertainers, artists, and workers will take to the streets on Sunday in a march through downtown Toronto demanding an economy that works for both people and the planet. More information on the march is available at, and

Four different contingents in the march will visually depict what this new economy looks like: “It starts with justice” for Indigenous peoples and those most impacted, creates “good work, clean jobs and healthy communities”, recognizes that “we have solutions” and shows “we know who is responsible” for causing the climate crisis.



11:30 am — Press Tent

Description: Credentialed media outlets are invited to mingle with official spokespeople for the March for Jobs, Justice, and the Climate in the event’s press tent. The full list of spokespeople will be released later this week.

Location: Canopy Next to Northwest Rebellion Monument on the Northeast corner of the park off Grosvener and Queens Park Crescent E.

12:30 pm — Press Conference

Description: Selected speakers will deliver short messages to media outlets at the official press conference. There will be opportunities for photo and video, as well as technical equipment for television and radio journalists.

Location: Podium in Press Tent (see above)


1:00 PM: Rally starts

Description: A First Nations Elder will bless the march and four rally speakers, each representing a quadrant of the march, will speak.

Location: Staging area at the center of the lawn in front of Ontario Legislature in Queens Park


1:45 PM: March starts and will end at approximately 4:00 PM with a community block party, musical guests, and art installations in Allan Gardens.


WHO: A diverse coalition of individuals and groups from across Canada, including labor unions representing Alberta oil workers, First Nations on the frontlines of extraction projects, racialized communities from climate-impacted regions, environmental groups, anti-poverty, worker and faith groups, health workers, scientists, students, migrant justice groups, and others. A full list of participating organizations is available here:


Visuals: Large puppets such as a 15 foot brontosaurus, a solar powered alternative Pan Am torch, a 40 foot banner, and more. The end of the march in Allan Gardens will include high-profile musical guests and a photography exhibit.


Special Guests: A number of high-profile Canadians and others will march, including: David Suzuki, Naomi Klein, Bill McKibben, Stephen Lewis, and Maude Barlow. Celebrities attending will be announced soon.


For more information: 

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