While I’ve done some mental flip-flopping on the NDP leadership race (With Peggy and Nathan at the top of my list), I am sticking with my original intention to support Peggy as my first choice. Peggy brings a wealth of knowledge and varied experience. She knows how to listen, negotiate and find solutions. She remains connected to the “movement”. She has put proportional representation central to her plans for the next election and beyond. She has run a very positive campaign which reflects on the kind of leadership she will provide and team she will put together. And this will likely be her only leadership run. So if she’s “offering”, we should take her up on the offer. Go Peggy!

My second choice remains Nathan Cullen who has shown himself to be gutsy, determined, forward-thinking. strategic and realistic. He has run an outstanding campaign, opening up space within the NDP to discuss strategy in a way that’s not been seen before. He has attracted new layers of support to the NDP. His feet are on the ground, he’s comfortable in his shoes and he tells it like it is. Go Nathan!

Both Peggy and Nathan have emerged as strong “unity candidates” who can potentially bridge the divides that this campaign has opened up.

Gary Shaul

Gary Shaul is a union activist who has been involved with a number of issues including electoral reform, anti-war, international solidarity, human rights and the environment. A Toronto resident, he has...