“Karl Nerenberg’s ‘Hill Dispatches’ are rich with the historical depth that the mainstream media should but are unable to provide. They also exhibit a quality that is all too rare in Ottawa: genuine empathy for the challenges faced by ordinary people.” – Marc Raboy, Beaverbrook Chair in Ethics, Media and Communications, McGill University

When it comes to parliamentary news, award-winning journalist Karl Nerenberg has got you covered.  Now we need to cover him.

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Karl produced 80 stories in the last Parliamentary session, covering a wide range of important, and too-often under-reported issues. 

For example:

When the Conservative government put forth their monster budget bill, Bill C-38, most the mainstream media initially ignored the importance of this dangerous bill. Not Karl. From day one he took apart this bill, disguised as a budget, examining in details its far-reaching implications. 

In the spring of 2011, the outgoing Auditor General issued a damning report on the funding and administration of programs for First Nations — long before the Attawapiskat scandal. The media gave it only cursory coverage at the time.  Karl covered it. And in the fall of 2011, when senior Aboriginal Affairs officials appeared before the House Public Accounts Committee to give the government’s response to the AG’s scathing condemnation — and provide some action plan — no media covered that at all, except for Karl Nerenberg.

When the government made a stealth decision to lower the minimum wage for temporary foreign workers, the mainstream media almost completely ignored objections from organized labour. Not Karl. He explained to the world the connection between lower wages for foreign workers and new, tough rules for EI — all part of an effort to drive down workers’ incomes.

When CUPE’s President, Paul Moist, spoke to a House committee in favour of an Olivia Chow initiative on public transit and got viciously mauled by attack-dog Conservatives, only Karl covered that revealing event.

These stories matter and with Parliament going back into session next week, your support right now is crucial.  

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