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The news this week that Rogers will send 200 of its TV, radio and publication workers packing is just the latest in a series of corporate media contractions that are bringing the entire system to the brink of collapse and forcing hundreds of media workers out of jobs across the country.

Just five companies — Bell, Rogers, Shaw, Quebecor, and TELUS — control nearly 90 per cent of Canada’s media landscape.

Every job cut, merger and acquisition by corporate media magnifies the need for non-profit, independent media alternatives:’s kind of media

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We’ve always believed the capitalist business model for journalism would fail. Wealthy corporations bought up already concentrated newspaper chains and squeezed out their last drops of profit, hacked and slashed jobs, and are now picking the carcasses clean while walking away with outrageous personal profit.

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Kim Elliott

Kim Elliott operated as publisher for between 2006-2023.