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We are at an important midpoint in our summer fundraiser, and we’d like to thank you for continuing to be a part of our story.

With your help we are able to provide coverage of issues important to social and labour movements and beyond across the country — stories that Canadians need to know, and that are skewed or ignored altogether by the ever-growing, ever-consolidating corporate media. And the vital voices that are not often represented at the table, of dominant Canadian debate.

rabble.ca continues to grow and push the boundaries of online media. We have evolved as the internet has evolved. Now 18 years old, we’ve entered adulthood at a time of cutbacks and consolidation across the entire realm of Canadian media. In this time of transition, we are grateful and honoured to have you, all of our readers and financial supporters, on board.

But we can’t stop now.

The past year, we have been steadfast and engaged in action. Through our standing up to hate and the rise of the right, through our #ontariofightback series, new labour and social justice reporters, and the launch of our recently updated Amplify! services arm, we are ready to take on what lies in store this October and underline your stories of hope!

Will you stand with us and support our election-planning campaign to tell the stories that need to be told this election?

We only have a few weeks left to raise money (and less than three months until the election!).

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In solidarity,
rabble.ca staff (Maya, Victoria, Matthew, Kim, Michelle, Meg, Christina, Sophia, Tania, Shirley)

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