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At we get by with help from our friends but this last Friday we got a special treat. Like most non-profits we find that mailing out support letters is a great way to get a good response from folks. We usually try to gather volunteers and have a bit of fun with stuffing envelopes but we weren’t sure what our volunteer count was going to be last Friday for our May membership mailing, though we were told we might get a nice surprise.  


What a thrill we had when over a a dozen enthusiastic, fun, hard-working, interesting youth (plus amazing adults) from the CUPE Ontario Convention Youth Camp came to stuff envelopes for an hour or so. While the work went much, much faster and we finished hours ahead of our schedule, the real pleasure was the energy and support from the Youth Camp participants — thanks everyone!  And thanks to our volunteers Elizabeth L, Greg J, Sally M, and Deborah K.

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