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Where can you find the voices of the ordinary folks who discovered their power to challenge a workplace or a political system that has left them behind?

Where do you read about the lives of those fighting for social justice on the front line? Their joy, their struggles, and their victories?

Where do you learn about the successful strategies they use? Is it always the same “sign the petition” or “send a letter to Minister xx’?” Where do you hear about the latest and the most creative tactics they use?

Well, rabble is the place.

Join me in supporting them and donate now.

To increase the power of rabble, in 2017, the Institute for Change Leaders — of which I am the founder — partnered with to offer a journalism fellowship in the name of Jack Layton; former NDP leader, and, of course, my late husband.

Jack, too, saw the value in It was one place where he could keep his finger on the pulse of Canada’s progressive movement: it’s still that place today. Establishing a fellowship in his name for journalists to immerse themselves in social justice issues is one very fitting aspect of Jack’s legacy.

rabble demonstrates a commitment to democracy by inviting new people into its ranks, its readership, and its community. The Jack Layton Journalism for Change Fellowship features the critical work of emerging journalists and writers.

Donate $25 or join as a new monthly supporterand you will be entered into a draw to win a leadership development training session at the Institute for Change Leaders. You can take this training session to step up your own leadership skills, or donate it to an up-and-coming change-maker.

Join me in supporting a smart, independent media organization that, over the course of its twenty years, has added incredible value to progressive communities and initiatives across the country and beyond.


Olivia Chow
Founder of the Institute for Change Leaders, Ryerson University 
Former NDP MP for Trinity — Spadina, Toronto 

“rabble rousers to watch” — is entirely dedicated to amplifying the work of activists who demonstrate a commitment to progressive change in their communities, even when such activism has been made more difficult at every turn over the past year. Donate now to support this initiative.

Olivia Chow

Olivia Chow is the NDP MP for the riding of Trinity-Spadina.