Dear readers,

Happy Halloween! We’re just over the midway point for our 2018 fall fundraiser. And we’re here to ask you to help us deliver some spooks!

At rabble we know what a strange and frightening time it seems like these days. But throughout it all we remain independent, fierce, and unapologetically committed to exploring the perspectives of progressive and labour communities in Canada and around the world. Many people don’t know that rabble.ca is a non-profit, feminist-run organization — led by women since its inception in 2001, and committed to training the next generations of critical, intersectional journalists.

We think this is something to celebrate.

And what better way to celebrate on this Hallows Eve than to give the right a fright! From Doug Ford in Ontario to Jason Kenney in Alberta, to François Legault in Quebec, there are plenty of horror shows going on.

Scare them back by supporting our campaign, and helping us to grow to be the most sustainable, reader-funded non-profit media project in Canada. They’ll be shaking in their boots!

We know we can count on your support, because our readers have come through for us each time. And with the upcoming 2019 federal election looming in view, we know that we have a huge responsibility on our hands to deliver the kind of conversations that corporate media is afraid to address. With the help of so many fellow change-seekers across Canada, we’re confident that we can make these goals a reality.

So scare up some support for our campaign, and as a personal token of gratitude we’re excited to offer you our gifts!

Support us at $5 a month and receive a copy of Corporatizing Canada: Making Business out of Public Service, a book warning us of the threat that neoliberal corporatization poses to democratic decision-making and the public at large.

Support us at $8 a month and receive this same book PLUS The Reconciliation Manifesto by Arthur Manuel and Grand Chief Ronald Derrickson. This book challenges virtually everything that non-Indigenous Canadians believe about their relationship with Indigenous Peoples and the steps that are needed to place this relationship on a healthy and honourable footing.


Moving against the System by David Austin, a revolutionary collection of Black radical thought from a historic event in 1968.

Will you help us to take our campaign over the top? A little bit goes a long way.

In solidarity,

rabble staff