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Stephen Harper could call an election at any time. Are progressives ready?

Not yet, but almost. I want to tell you about‘s winning election strategy.

And we don’t have much time.

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You and I both know that the big media corporations just cannot be trusted to hold Harper to account. stands for ethical journalism that builds social justice.

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In an astonishing national poll just released in Ottawa, Stephen Harper has surpassed all other political party leaders as the ìpreferred prime minister.

According to experts, Harper is riding high after the terrible shootings in Ottawa and his get-tough crackdown on “terrorists” which is really an attack on our rights.

Stephen Harper may decide to take advantage of his “terrorist-bump” in the polls, break his own election rules, and call an election as soon as he can. Maybe even in April.

I honestly think that Canada will not survive another Harper government. If he wins the election weíll get more war, more poverty, and more absolute environmental devastation.

Canadians need to make independent decisions about Canada’s future in the next election that ís our job! Remember the Globe and Mail, National Post, and all of the big media chains backed Harper in the last election and they will do it again.

That ís why is doing everything it can to be ready for the next election and to tell Canadians exactly what is at stake.

We are engaged in conversations with our readers and our partner groups in social movements, sharing our experiences and ideas and building a powerful new election strategy for change. It is going to blow your socks off!

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The Conservatives have cut the voter education capacity of Elections Canada, and have made it more difficult for unions to participate: they will stop at nothing to win.

So, our plan is this: inform, empower and mobilize people who want change in Ottawa. We’re building a strategy that will make our maximum impact upon on vital issues, and show people why their vote matters.

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P.S. Please make your special contribution of $45 to help us to build the most extensive strategy, ever. If you become a rabbler and give $8 or more each month, you can chose to receive a copy of Naomi Klein’s awesome new book that everyone has been talking about, This Changes Everything or a copy of Karl Nerenberg’s Harper vs. Canada: Five ways of looking at the Conservative regime.