On September 17, members of Parliament return to Ottawa and we want rabble’s award-winning journalist Karl Nerenberg back in the press gallery. Can you help us keep him there? Your support makes a difference and you can support Karl’s reporting right here.

This is a special appeal to raise $5,000 from our readers to support Karl’s work. We are also approaching major donors and partners with a goal of raising $25,000 in total over BEFORE PARLIAMENT BEGINS. Can you help us reach our goal? You can donate right now at https://rabble.ca/donate. Thank you to all of our new and ongoing supporters. 

One year ago, frustrated with mainstream media support of Stephen Harper, we decided enough was enough, and that Canadians urgently needed a reporter on Parliament hill who would cover news for the rest of us. With your help, our dream became a reality and rabble proudly sent Karl Nerenberg to cover Parliament Hill. Karl posted over 80 stories over the last parliamentary session, giving context to political moves and changing the conversation in the media.

You can see for yourself by going to Karl Nerenberg’s blog, “Hill Dispatches” at https://rabble.ca/blogs/bloggers/karl-nerenberg where you will find examples of stories that relate to labour, economic policy, aboriginal affairs, public services, immigration and refugees, the environment and many other crucial matters underreported elsewhere. 

Frankly we are not surprised by Karl’s success. Karl has been a journalist for over 25 years including eight years as the producer of the CBC show The House. He has written scripts for documentary films and long-form television reports for such shows as Le Point and Actuel on Radio Canada television and The Journal on CBC-TV; Karl also founded and, for five years, edited the magazine Federations: What’s new in federalism worldwide. He has been awarded a Gemini award, a Best International Documentary Series award (from “la communauté des televisions francophones”), and a CBC Radio Award for Best New Series (“C’est la vie”) among others. Please keep Karl on Parl!