Dear rabble visitors,

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling hopeful and inspired by progressive social movements and the organizing taking hold this year, saying “business as usual will not suffice.” Despite the pandemic and a literal physical distance keeping many people (largely) at home, communities have come together in a myriad of ways to denounce racialized police violence and oppression, and to call for their end. Through this amazing work — led by BIPOC activists and organizers — there is a guarantee that no one is backing down.

I appreciate the work of the team at rabble to provide a progressive platform for urgent underreported issues about race, class and transformative change. I’m proud to contribute writing, opinions and analysis to rabble readers.

Will you join me in supporting rabble through its summer 2020 fundraiser? To continue to grow and expand their content, rabble must reach its $50,000 goal this summer! Your donation right now will make a big difference.

Your support enables, among other things, for rabble to continue to explore avenues to bring progressive discussion and debate to the forefront. I’m pleased that I have been able to join a strong team of panelists — including MP Leah Gazan, rabble parliamentary reporter Karl Nerenberg, host Libby Davies and rotating guests such as Pamela Palmater, and David Macdonald and Sheila Block from the CCPA — in the Off the Hill webinar series. 

These online discussions help address issues in federal politics from a grassroots perspective and share vital insights and stories for progressive communities so much that it’s been hard to say goodbye each episode!

I hope you can take a minute to donate to rabble’s programming and support it in its annual fundraiser. Of course, if you can’t donate, there are many other ways to be involved — from telling your friends to read rabble and signing up for the weekly newsletter, to sharing this post on your social feeds.

I hope you can join the call. 

In solidarity,

Paul Taylor, activist and non-profit leader