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Dear rabble readers,

I’m writing to ask you to support rabble’s mission and strengthen independent media in Canada by making a donation. In return you’ll receive a DVD of my new film This Changes Everything. The just-released disc features more than an hour of deleted scenes and extra material. Included are a conversation with me, Naomi Klein and our beloved Executive Producer Alfonso Cuarón (director of Gravity and Children of Men) as well as a never-before-seen exchange on the subject of extractivism between Naomi and the great Arundhati Roy.

Both my film and Naomi’s book of the same name profile the surging climate justice movement around the world. As rabble readers well know, this movement — calling for systemic change to confront the twin crises of climate change and inequality — is on a roll. New pipelines to carry tar sands bitumen to foreign markets have been frozen. New alliances between indigenous and settler activists are deepening. Momentum is growing to connect the dots between the carbon in the air and the economic system that put it there.

rabble readers also know that those on the frontlines of the climate and economic crises have the sharpest analysis and the most inspiring solutions. In my work, it’s an honour and privilege to hold up a megaphone to amplify the voices of these global leaders.

Which is why I feel such a strong affinity with rabble — our cherished, venerable, fierce and principled source of truly independent media in Canada.

Just like in documentary filmmaking, the power of independent media is to transform people’s sense of what is possible by telling the kinds of stories that show change happening on a human scale. It’s important that the work of telling these stories be in the hands of the very people working to change our broken economic system.  

Corporate media can’t wait to dismiss and belittle new social movements — and we’ve seen them do it again and again, from Occupy to Idle No More to the Leap Manifesto. But we know that these movements, and the constructive discontent they represent, are key to any hope of progressive change.

So as we struggle to make 2016 a real Leap Year, in which we no longer take small steps but leap towards climate justice, the role of rabble has never been more crucial.

rabble and I want to share This Changes Everything with you while strengthening independent media at the same time. If you agree that we need strong independent media in Canada to democratize the news and enhance the work of the movement for climate justice, and if you have the means, please send them a donation right now.

In solidarity,

Avi Lewis
Director, This Changes Everything