Dear rabble-rousers,

I hope you’ve had an opportunity to enjoy the summer and are taking some time to recharge, even though you might have to be a little creative to find some fun. 

Every day COVID-19 exposes the inequalities and injustices in our society; global uprisings are exposing the depth of anti-Black racism throughout our institutions so that no caring person can look away; and the extraordinary heatwave many of us are experiencing reminds us that climate change is getting worse, despite the empty promises of our leaders. 

While the depth and breadth of the Black Lives Matter movement and the instability created by the coronavirus pandemic is forcing mainstream media to pay attention to radical demands that they were ignoring only a short while ago, the voice of independent media has never been more important.  

In an historical moment like this, when a vibrant movement has captured the imagination of most people, those in power will fight to co-opt these struggles; while capitalists are working overtime to make even more money through disaster capitalism, we need independent progressive voices.

That’s why I’m so thankful for It is hard to believe it has been almost 20 years since I worked with others to get rabble off the ground, and thanks to a little bit of magic and the support from people like you, it is still going

Founded in the grassroots of activism and citizens’ journalism, rabble maintains the same values today as when it launched: resolved to amplify underrepresented voices and bring media democracy to the forefront of the media landscape in Canada. And with the incredible activism going on across the country — calls to defund the police and stand against anti-Black racism; strengthen labour organizing in the wake of the pandemic; and renew the fight for a more just, sustainable world — there is more work than ever that needs a platform. 

Will you donate today so rabble can continue to highlight these important struggles?

It takes a village to keep social justice journalism going, and thanks to all of you, we have that village.

It is a scary but also inspiring time. 2020 will no doubt be a defining year in social history. rabble was launched at a similar moment during the massive anti-globalization demonstration in Quebec City and the 9/11 attack on the twin towers that ultimately led to the decline of that movement. This time we’ll do better. You and those like you helped us launch then.

Step in once more as rabble raises $50,000 over the next few weeks this summer to meet the goals of this annual fundraiser. Be part of our progressive coverage plans: donate now, if you can.

Thank you to everyone reading this who has supported rabble, some of you since the very beginning! If you have been a past supporter, please lend your support again. If you haven’t been part of the community keeping rabble going, I encourage you to join in at any level. All contributions — even just $3/month — make a real difference.

In solidarity,

Judy Rebick, founding publisher

P.S.  All donations of $25 and up and all monthly subscriptions will be automatically entered into our weekly draw to win a signed copy of Seth Klein’s soon-to-be-released and long-awaited A Good War: Mobilizing Canada for the Climate Emergency. You will also be eligible for our grand prize draw for a special web kit to help with all of your at-home video conferencing needs. How cool is that?

Donating $8/month or more will be gratefully received and we will send you a digital copy of Robyn Maynard’s Policing Black Lives, courtesy of Fernwood Publishing, as a sign of our appreciation.


Judy Rebick

Judy Rebick

Judy Rebick is the author of Transforming Power: From the Personal to the Political and was the founding publisher of She also holds the CAW Sam Gindin Chair in Social Justice and Democracy.