Dear rabble visitors:

On this Labour Day I wish you all the chance to be an activist in your organizations and your communities. I wish everyone the passion and the opportunity to create greater democracy in our communities and in our country. For decades I had the privilege of being active in the labour movement and I know the importance of sharing the stories of communities struggling for justice. I know the importance of countering corporate media — the same media that for years cheered on Harper’s agenda and now remains shockingly uncritical of Trudeau’s many neoliberal policies. I know the importance of 

Will you join me in supporting and keeping this crucial news site going and growing?

For over 15 years I have been visiting (and giving a monthly donation to ), “news for the rest of us.” I love that rabble covers labour news (and not just “business” news). I love that rabble has been a loud voice for women’s rights (and as an organization, has always been led by women).  I love that rabble puts Indigenous struggles front and centre. I love that rabble is community supported, that it is my fellow activists and organizers and community workers who keep it going.

All activists know that it takes many, many people doing many things to effect change. Make no mistake, we need to be active to have a progressive independent media and we need that progressive independent media to build a more just democracy. I’m asking you to do a fairly simple act. Chip in what you can to A modest monthly donation from you and others who care about social justice will have a big effect. Then I’m asking you to ask one other person you know to support rabble.

If we all do our part (and ALL donation levels are welcome), we win. We win against those interests who want to see progressive voices shut down. We win the opportunity to fight against the disinformation we hear too much of in daily news cycle. We win a platform for social justice.

Please go to right now and make it happen.

In Solidarity,

Barb Byers