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Since day one, every section of has been free to use. While that is true of a number of other online media sources the times are a changin’ and more media are a chargin’.

Not us. We are committed to keeping rabble free — free to use and free from corporate ownership.

But of course, rabble isn’t free to operate. We have an annual budget that is about a quarter of the budget of similar organizations, and that is less than the salary of a single news anchor in some bigger media outlets. We can only be free to use if a lot of folks pitch in a bit.

So please, ah-hem, “give freely.” Your monthly donation of $5, $8, $15, $25 or $50 is crucial to us. Plus, with your membership donation of at least $60/year you can receive a free subscription to one of more than a dozen leading Canadian independent magazines. If you give at least $8/month we will also send you our new book Best of 2010.

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