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We are the people who work at and we need your support to keep this amazing online publication going and growing. amplifies progressive voices and actions. That takes work! We fact-check and edit the many stories and views that are submitted to us every week. We produce and publish podcasts and manage a lively network of podcasters. We write stories about ideas that matter, and moderate our lively discussion forum, babble.

We find and publish information about tools and events which may be useful to other activists. We are also present in the community, sponsoring events and building partnerships. And, of course, we keep the website, social media and other online platforms up and running. We are a tiny team, and we work hard because believe in

We are not a wealthy organization, and we do not want to be beholden to corporate advertisers or a handful of funders. Instead, we rely on our readers and like-minded organizations for support.

If you believe what we do is important, we need you to chip in and donate.

Too many media organizations continue to play a role in perpetuating stereotypes and bigotry. In some cases, “news” organizations literally make up stories and “alternative facts” and some are paid very well to do it. At we work to promote the stories of social movements. We pride ourselves on our earnestness. Although we sometimes envy the traffic sensationalist headlines get, supporting movements takes more than clickbait.

These are challenging times, but these are also times of hope, as people resisting injustice organize to make change and spread messages of solidarity. We need allies to amplify the work being done to change the world. We are part of the alternative — strengthening the movement to build progressive change. We are writing to ask you to support by contributing what you can at

A real independent media must be crowdsourced. As the saying goes, “many hands make light work,” and needs many small donations to make a big impact. Let’s do this together.

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