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“If anyone was to be perturbed by a Harper majority, it’s the folks at, the left-wing online news site.” Sarah Boesveld – National Post, May 4, 2011

Dear Friends:

Well, at least the National Post got one thing right. If, like us, you are still in the second stage of grief – anger – then we have an outlet for you: support rabble.

We’re going to be blunt. There is a lot of work to do and we need more money to do it. Every spring we have a membership drive, but this one is perhaps the most important we have ever had. We know we face serious challenges to uncover and share the stories that will need to be heard over the next few years, but with your help it can be done.

As bleak as things may seem we are not without hope: this election is also an opportunity for progressives in Canada to become stronger and more proactive. As a first step forward we ask for your support.

It’s no secret that here at rabble we struggle to make ends meet – our annual budget is about a quarter of the budget of similar organizations. And that is less than the salary of a single news anchor in some bigger media outlets. Yet we provide “news for the rest of us” to large audiences, and we do it for free as a commitment to media democracy. During the election period rabble hit a historic high with over 315,000 unique visitors regularly accessing the website. And they continue to follow our post election analysis at

We have been taking a hard look at our finances in the last few months and know that at minimum we need to double our budget. We need more money to do what we are doing, and we need more money to do what needs to be done in this new political environment, including supporting investigative journalism pieces.

The reality is we have only hundreds of people who are paid members of rabble, donating at least $5/month. With more than a quarter of a million people visiting rabble during the last month, surely we can get to 2500 paying members and strengthen the voices of the majority of Canadians who rejected the Conservative agenda in the election.

As always for your membership donation of as low as $5 a month ($60/year) you can receive a free subscription to one of more than a dozen leading Canadian independent magazines (see full list here). If you give $8/month or more we will also send you our new book “Best of 2010”.

We know you believe in alternative media. We ask you to show your support and become a member of today. If you are already a member, THANK YOU; please consider increasing your membership level.

Thank you for visiting rabble for your “news for the rest of us”


The team


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